Bill Astary Retires After 7 Years of Service

May 27, 2021 | By GTPE Communications
Bill Astary, director of Industry Strategic Partnership

Bill Astary, director of Industry Strategic Partnership, retired after seven years of service to Georgia Tech Professional Education (GTPE).

Bill joined GTPE as the first Industry Strategic Partner Lead. This position did not exist before, and Bill blazed a trail for others to follow.

His background prior to joining GTPE is in the lighting industry. Although this was a big change for him, being an alumnus of Georgia Tech, he embraced the role with passion and determination. He will be missed by many including staff, faculty across Georgia Tech, and the Savannah Advisory Board members. Although Bill has accomplished a great deal in this role, his most notable contribution is the development of the Professional Leadership Certificate. Over the past year, Bill took on the role of the academic program director and laid out the program based on what he was hearing from industry. In the middle of the pandemic, he did it all including the paperwork for getting the certificate approved, finding the right faculty, and the work of establishing a cohort model.

"Bill is someone who would help anyone and always wants the best for people," reflected Diane Lee, executive director of the Georgia Tech-Savannah campus. "I know the next phase of Bill’s life will be filled with family, friends, and helping others."