GTPE Launches Data And Sensor Fusion Certificate

May 07, 2013 | By GTPE Communications

ATLANTA - May 07, 2013 - Georgia Tech Professional Education has partnered with Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI), Georgia Tech’s applied research arm, to create a new certificate program that can help organizations respond more rapidly to threats and problems by learning to fuse information from multiple sensors.

The Sensor and Data Fusion Certificate is geared toward these professionals: project managers; software and systems engineers; scientists; military, homeland security and intelligence officers/users tasked with developing, using or evaluating sensor/data fusion techniques and systems; and military, security or industry representatives who need to learn basic concepts, issues and potentials of sensor/data fusion.

“Organizations are experiencing a greater need to use sensors and data fusion to address concerns in technological advancement and to overcome challenges,” said Dr. James “Ralph” Teague, a GTRI principal research scientist and administrator for the Sensor and Data Fusion program. “The courses in the certificate offer mission-critical training designed to advance professionals’ sensor and data fusion knowledge.”

Data fusion, an emerging technology, is the process of automatically filtering, aggregating and extracting desired information from multiple sensors and sources, and integrating and interpreting the data. The new certificate program is especially applicable to a growing number of sectors, such as manufacturing and the automotive industry.

Researchers and scientists with GTRI are uniquely positioned to serve as the course instructors for the certificate program. GTRI regularly consults with the government and companies to put workable solutions into action. Its experts develop innovative, creative solutions for some of the toughest problems facing government and industry around the nation and around the globe.

The certificate program is comprised of four core courses and four elective courses offered at the Georgia Tech Global Learning Center in Midtown Atlanta, and in Arlington, Va.

The core courses are:

For more information or to register for courses, visit here.