Meet Pasquale Italiano

January 27, 2014 | By GTPE Communications

The prestige of the engineering field and a fascination with the career field has carried Pasquale Italiano from his childhood in Italy to college and to continuing his education with Georgia Tech Professional Education.

Italiano, who now works for Gulfstream Aerospace Corp., graduated with a bachelor’s and master’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Politecnico di Bari, then traveled the world working as a system designer and equipment engineer in England for Alenia Aeronautica and various cities in Italy. In 2003, he came to the U.S. when the opportunity arose to work for Lockheed Martin and Alenia Aeronautica simultaneously, as a systems engineer.

“It was during this time that I learned about the numerous project opportunities and career advancement possibilities within the systems engineering field,” he says.

As the economy took its toll, Italiano noticed his office begin to empty and the number of colleagues began to shrink. He knew he had to expand his education to keep up with the changes.
“I lived in Atlanta for almost five years and already knew that Georgia Tech was a prestigious and great university,” says Italiano.

“In order to maintain a name for my profession, I would need to sharpen my skills and invest in my education. I looked at Georgia Tech and its Professional Education division because it’s one of the leading institutions related to systems engineering curriculum.”

Italiano pursued a Georgia Tech Professional Education certificate in systems engineering. The interactive curriculum allowed him to refresh his techniques and exposed him to new and innovative methods.

“I appreciated the reverence to time and the shorter classes; in my field you never know how much extra time you have to take courses,” says Italiano. “Georgia Tech provided me with a fast and efficient way to get a step ahead in my career.”

Italiano saw positive results, even before completing his Systems Engineering certificate. Italiano, who accepted the systems engineering position with Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. in 2013, believes the Georgia Tech Professional Education course and certificate made him a top candidate for the job.

“It is a great way to invest your money as well as stand out in interviews,” he says. “It is definitely an added value.”

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