Online Learning Toolkit

Whether you're a new student, or you’ve been around for a few semesters, starting an online degree program can be intimidating.  As we approach the start of a new semester, we've provided our best tools, tips, and resources to help you make the most of your online learning experience, while helping you to get sense of what it's like to be part of the Yellow Jacket community.

Getting Started: Equipping Yourself for Success

  • Learning Spaces
  • Time Management
  • Community & Network
  • Technology
Learning Spaces

As an online learner, your classroom is often your home, and distractions such as technology, work, and family can seem nearly impossible to avoid. One of the most important steps in eliminating distractions and staying focused on an online learning environment is creating a regular learning space.

Whether the kitchen table or a home office, setting up a dedicated space for learning and studying will help you stay organized, motivated, and accountable.

Time Management

Transitioning to an online environment can be a challenge, especially while balancing remote work and family, which is why time management and self-discipline are critical skills for success.

Are you more productive in the mornings, the afternoons, or the evenings? Do you work better in short intervals? Do you prefer a flexible working and learning environment, or would you rather have a structured schedule?

As best you can, establish a consistent framework that works for you – and stick to it. It's also important to remember that online courses are rigorous and can consume a great deal of your time, which makes taking advantage of virtual tools critical.

Community & Network

Social connection is an important aspect of online learning. From taking advantage of message boards, to utilizing online discussion forums, or facilitating online study sessions with classmates, getting involved with your online community will be essential to help stay motivated and engaged.

In addition, most courses require you to engage regularly in online discussions and collaborative work with classmates. As an online student, it is important to feel comfortable interacting with others from a distance, since you will not have the same face-to-face contact as a student learning on campus.

It's also ok (and even encouraged) to reach out for help. Reach out to your professors or student advisors if you're having trouble keeping up with your work or meeting deadlines. Maintaining open communication will help to deepen your virtual relationships while mitigating unexpected challenges.


Technology plays an integral role in online learning. While you don't need a lot of technical equipment or technical knowledge to succeed in your online course, you will need some basic things. For specifics, here are the essential items every online student should have access to.


Tech History and Traditions

From The Ramblin' Wreck to The Whistle and George P. Burdell, take a stroll through Georgia Tech's 136-year history, and learn about the traditions that have become part of the fabric of our student community. Then, use our Virtual Campus Tour to get a bird's-eye-view of our green campus nestled in the heart of Midtown Atlanta – all from the comfort of your home.